Value Protect

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Cargo insurance can be costly and difficult to manage across multiple shipments. Our Value Protect service offers an affordable alternative to shipping insurance to protect your cargo from accidents like fire, theft and bad weather.

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Value Protect

A simple way to keep your cargo protected

What is Value Protect?

Value Protect is an alternative cargo protection that can be used as a substitute, or in addition to traditional shipping insurance. Simple yet efficient, it extends the liability for terms of carriage to cover aspects that are not usually included in traditional terms – whether that’s damages caused by delay, fire, or cyber incidents.

On you can view quotes and add Value Protect at the same time as you book your cargo shipment, keeping everything in one place. Simply keep track of all your shipments and make claims quickly with less documentation required and no deductibles.

How to book Value Protect on the Twill platform

You can add Value Protect at the same time as you book your cargo shipment via our platform. It is very intuitive, and you can either add it during the booking process or afterwards:

During the booking process
  1. Once you have chosen your route and timeline for the transport of your freight, make sure to add any additional services such as Customs Services and Value Protect.

  2. When choosing Value Protect, you will be able to select the package that matches your freight needs best. It is so easy.

After placing a booking

If you have already placed your booking but want to add Value Protect, then get in touch with us via:

  • Our online chat, available 24/7 in 30 different languages

  • Email – just send us your booking reference at

Good to know

What does Value Protect cover?

Here’s a quick checklist of what is and what isn't covered by Value Protect:



Fault or neglected

in navigation or management of the vessel


due to heavy weather or other dangers of the sea

Saving or attempt to save life or property at sea

Cargo damages caused by delay

General Average

Not Covered

Group 4

Commercial damages

and financial losses as a result of delay

Group 4

Inherent defect

and wrongful handling by shipper

Group 4

Geopolitical events

Group 4

Natural disasters

Group 4

Transport legs outside the Maersk Bill of Lading

Group 4

Sensitive commodity exclusions

*fish, seafood, and some chilled fruits and berries

How much does Value Protect cost?

Find the right Value Protect package for your cargo and get started:

Dry Starter

Compensation up to $15,000 USD Pricer per container $29 USD

Dry Base

Compensation up to $30,000 USD Pricer per container $59 USD

Dry Plus

Compensation up to $60,000 USD Pricer per container $118 USD

Dry Extended

Compensation up to $120,000 USD Pricer per container $235 USD

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