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Get your logistics ready for Golden Week

Golden Week is a Chinese national holiday in October which impacts the speed and costs of end-to-end logistics for your business.
We explain you how Twill keeps your logistics running when you need it the most as well as when you should book your shipment to get it delivered on time.

17 May 2021

Every year at the beginning of October, there is a flag raising ceremony on the Tian’anmen Square in Peking. With this the Golden Week in China starts and lasts for a week. During this time the Chinese population enjoys a week full of events, light shows and celebrations. However, also means that a lot of offices, companies and factories are closed. As a result, companies around the world working with China have to adjust their logistics around this week.

The impact on logistics

China is one of the world’s biggest and most important markets. That’s why there is a big pressure on maintaining productivity and efficient supply chains all year around. But during Golden Week the world’s largest exporter enjoys time off. Golden Week also means that there is a reduced minimum of employees working at ports and terminals. With shorter capacities this means that shipping into and out of China is almost impossible and if possible, extremely costly.

For many companies around the world, this means they must prepare their supply chain logistics in advance to assure shipments are being delivered on time and without those high peak season fees.

But there is no reason to be scared – Twill has you covered. Twill provides you with the necessary help you need to ship your freight in and out of China and assures your supply chain keeps stable in this special period of the year. Of course you have to assure to book your shipment on time and preferable two weeks in advance to your estimated time of departure. Additionally, for your benefit, Twill also takes care of your end-to-end logistics by providing other services such as Inland, Customs House Brokerage and Value Protect, meeting all your requirements through one point of contact.

What we do to keep your logistics running:

We at Twill want to make sure that you can keep your logistics running – also in seasonal peaks such as Golden Week. That’s why we support you and your business with our loading guarantee as well as with our two-way commitment.

This means that you can choose from competitive, up-to-date rates available instantly and we’ll ensure that, we only sell what we can load. You book with us and you’ll get the same priority as the world’s biggest brands at no extra cost across 300+ locations in 161 countries.

What you can benefit from when trusting Twill to get your supply chain ready for Golden Week:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Contact our customer care team, who are available in 30 languages whenever you need them. They care about your business and are ready to support and guide you when you have questions around the Golden Week.

  • Loading Guarantee: Get the same access to freight shipping priority as the world’s biggest brands, regardless of size – and we only accept bookings that we know we can ship.

  • Trusted Partner: And of course, every Twill booking is supercharged by industry leader Maersk, providing peace of mind and access to a trusted global network of services.

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