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How to navigate your logistics ahead of China's Golden Week 2022

As Chinese Golden Week and peak season nears, the industry faces ongoing challenges. Read on for solutions to navigate your logistics during China's Golden Week.

Yan Jing Fu, K Praveena , 09 September 2022

To keep your logistics free of obstructions during this peak shipping season – which coincides with China's Golden Week – we've compiled a helpful list of tips and updates to help you steer around potential obstacles. Read on to find out how Twill can help you map your logistics journey ahead of time to avoid any peak season logistics roadblocks.

When is China's Golden Week during this year's shipping peak season?

As peak shipping season nears, the industry continues to face ongoing challenges that threaten to cause disruptions to businesses. China's Golden Week (1st – 7th October 2022) is just one of the many shipping events that fall during peak logistics. This weeklong public holiday, coupled with the rise of congestion at various ports across the world, can bring unforeseen obstacles to your supply chain management.

How does the China Golden Week holiday affect your logistics?

1. Capacity shortages in factories

China is one of the world's largest and most significant markets, and there is immense pressure to maintain productivity and supply chain efficiency throughout the year. During Golden Week, however, the biggest exporter in the world takes a seven-day break to celebrate its National Day, resulting in a reduced number of employees working at China's various ports and terminals. Factories will also face minimised capacity as workers leave for this public holiday, leading to a decrease in the production rate during this period. To ensure your shipments reach their destinations on time with better cost efficiency, it is essential to plan your supply chain logistics well in advance to allow for enough lead time.

2. High demand and limited space available – causing further cargo delays

With the pre-Golden Week rush usually starting 3-4 weeks before the main event, many companies tend to speed up their production process to transport goods in and out of China before the public holiday. The higher demand for transportation puts added pressure on ocean freight, inland transportation and other logistics services, causing an increased likelihood of cargo delays.

What are the current vessel waiting times at Asia Pacific Ports?

Situations at ports have stabilised and are being managed well as peak season approaches. Here is an overview of the average waiting times at ports in the Asia Pacific region.

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What other festivities in China in 2022 add to the shipping peak season?

Awareness of the upcoming events in China dispersed throughout the peak shipping season is critical for success with your supply chain management. To give you foresight on how you can best plan your logistics during this period, here are three upcoming events in China that are happening throughout the year that you should not overlook.

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How can Twill help mitigate the complexities of shipping for Golden Week in 2022?

To avoid getting caught up in the pre-golden week rush, leave enough lead time for yourselves and your logistics partner. That will give your more flexibility to minimise uncertainties.

Lisa Ding, Head of Greater China, Twill

To keep your logistics running smoothly during seasonal peaks such as Golden Week, Twill supports your business through various innovative digital solutions. What's more? Booking with us ensures your cargo gets the same priority as some of the world's most notable brands, with no additional cost, across 300+ locations in 161 countries.

  1. Get your shipments organised: A smooth journey starts with good organisation. Twill's accessible, user-friendly interface gives you an all-in-one platform where you will have a complete overview of your shipment process. Organising more complex shipments is made even simpler with Twill, as our containers are built for intermodal freight transport, allowing cargo to seamlessly transition from ocean to rail to truck. We also give you flexibility on service picking, enabling you to add inland services to an ocean booking if the need ever arises. This eliminates the need to engage multiple vendors, which is especially useful during the rush peak shipping season, where there is a heightened possibility of discrepancies.

  2. Book your shipments in advance: Take the edge off during this hectic logistics season. Put your mind at ease by placing bookings and planning shipments well in advance to avoid unanticipated seasonal costs that may affect your profits. Twill's instant pricing feature promptly provides you with daily and monthly fixed rates, enabling you to quickly secure the most suitable bookings without delayed responses on availability.

  3. Make sure your cargo is prioritised: To ensure you meet deadlines during peak season, it is essential to choose a logistics partner that prioritises your cargo. Supercharged by industry leader Maersk, Twill connects you to a trusted, global network of services, assuring you of a smooth shipment and loading priority. Enjoy the same priority freight shipping as some of the most prominent brands, regardless of size!

  4. Back your shipments up with a contingency plan in case of delays: You never know what obstacles may come your way during the rush of peak logistics season. If the situation arises that you need to hold on to a container for a bit longer when it arrives at its destination, you can do so with Twill's Additional Free Time Service. Log into your account and extend your Free Time period by 3, 5, 10 or even 14 days!

  5. Keep yourself updated with what's going on in the region: It is crucial to stay in the know of what's happening within the area you are shipping. Twill's Knowledge Hub ensures that you don't miss out on essential information that may help you foresee potential issues that your shipments may face along their route during peak logistics season. Head over for the latest industry information and to gain valuable insights into container logistics in the Asia Pacific.

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