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How Twill made shipping simple for Nova Leathers

03 December 2020

The shipping industry is complex and at any one time there are hundreds of carriers traversing the seas and in ports, susceptible to a multitude of factors that might cause delays; whether that’s weather or last-minute cargo changes or port issues.

These delays can be particularly difficult for those companies who deal with independent retailers. This was the case earlier this year when UK company, Nova Leathers, experienced delays with their cargo.

Dealing with delays

Rob Pearn at Nova Leathers spoke about issues they faced: “We often deal with independent retailers, as well as chains and department stores, and for them their cargo is crucial and a delay can be costly. It is of course out of many people’s control – especially if its weather related – but there are costs for us too as distributors, as we face late charges which can be a percentage of the order we were delivering or up to £500. Around peak seasons like Christmas and New Year this is costly to businesses.”

Natasha Varley, Senior Customer Care Ninja at Twill, spoke about how Twill handles delayed cargo: “At Twill we understand how difficult delays can be to deal with and plan for. As a protocol we check the ETAs of our customers’ cargo on a daily basis, ensuring that if we find there is going to be a delay we work through our processes to ensure the customer is notified. This is done within two hours and often even quicker. If a delay is urgent we will pick up the phone and give the customer a call.

“Once we’ve worked to notify the customer we’ll start looking at how we can ensure that their cargo still reaches them on the agreed delivery date. This could mean getting the cargo on an earlier route, or on a different route entirely – which may go to a different port. If this is the case, we will then arrange for the cargo to be transported to the customer. We do our upmost to keep additional costs to a minimum during these changes.” concluded Natasha.

Five clicks and I’m done!

Rob Pearn spoke about Nova Leathers’ experience since working with Twill: “Working with Twill has been really beneficial for us. Where I used to have to call somebody to make a booking, I can now do it all myself – and my supplier is notified at the same time.

“All in all booking with Twill can save me up to a week – because if I get a request for a delivery on a Friday evening, I can simply log into the platform and book it there and then. It’s five clicks of a button and I’m done – there’s no need to wait until Monday.

“Along with the ease of using the platform, I’ve been checking it outside of just booking – as the updates in real time have kept me in the loop and allowed me to make sure everything is on schedule. I can see that new features are being added and the platform is changing and growing, which is great for me and my business.” concluded Rob Pearn.

Who are Nova Leathers?

Based in the United Kingdom, Nova Leathers supply quality leather handbags, and different leather goods in the retail industry.

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